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Managed Print Services represent a means by outsourcing the entire print portfolio, reducing costs, and improving productivity in an organization. During the entire design, optimization, and printing process, an external service provider with expertise and experience in similar services is outsourced. This reduces capital expenditure and offers plenty of operating costs for other projects which include the organization’s core offerings.

Managed Print Services, commonly known as MPS, is a printing service that is provided by print providers to help companies streamline printer management and minimize printing costs.

Without a print strategy, businesses can cost a lot of money, especially annually. Printing costs can take up between 1% to 10% of the total income of an organization.

According to studies, managed print services benefit businesses in a variety of ways. More than 60% of businesses do not keep track of their printing expenses. This implies they are completely unaware of how much money they are spending each month.

Save your Printing Expenses

Managed print solutions address the most frequent printing issues that emerge when businesses manage their own print services. Outsourcing all print-related duties to an MPS firm has a number of benefits that result in more cost-effective printing.

Many of the issues that businesses have when managing their own printing needs are addressed by managed print solutions. Problems may be avoided before they develop by employing an MPS business, and efficiency can be recorded, evaluated, and improved.

Having centralized printing reduces the number of consumables needed and the amount of trash produced. With an MPS provider, IT responsibilities are decreased, and upgrades are handled automatically.


Almost half of all paperwork produced in a typical office is never used at all. It’s feasible to drastically reduce paper waste using managed print services. And paper isn’t the only thing you’ll save money on. With fewer printers, you’ll need less electricity to power them, as well as less ink or toner.

Because all print services are centralized, operational and printing expenses are reduced. By consolidating all printing operations into a single centralized hub, MPS saves time and costs by eliminating the need to manage many printers independently.


MPS makes printing more cost-effective in a variety of ways. Many of the most difficult printing operations become less efficient and more expensive without MPS. Managed print services are the most cost-effective approach to print. When these factors are taken into account, MPS continues to save more and more money. With time, the cost-effectiveness of MPS grows.


Over time, the cost of printer supplies can build up. Because of inefficiencies in their mechanisms, several gadgets have higher operating costs. Running out of supplies at vital moments can also have a negative impact on a company’s productivity. Rather than going to a commercial provider and paying a premium for new ink or toner, the MPS business will make sure that supplies arrive on time. They’ll include the charges in their print supply program as well.

Managed Services from Inksta can help you save money on printing while also increasing office efficiency.

Companies should make use of managed print services for lower expenses and more reliable operations to stay ahead of the competition. Moving to a managed services model can help the company focuses on its core business processes while also freeing up employees to focus on other important responsibilities.

Inksta, one of the best managed print solutions in Gujarat collaborates with businesses to learn about their needs and build a solution that helps them become more sustainable, efficient, and resilient.

Managed print services, managed IT services and other corporate productivity tools are some of the services we provide.

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